Appium with Robot Framework


Appium with Robot Framework

Mobile application automation is possible using Appium and Robot Framework integration, appium provides client/server architecture, client (devices) connected through USB enables to execute test cases where server is used to run Appium Server. Appium supports Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP & Robot Framework.

Since Robot framework is easy to learn, let’s see how Appium connects with Robot framework.

Installation Process

  1. Python and Robot Framework:
    This is pre-requisites to start with, please refer our blog Robot Framework installation to complete step 1.
  2. Install xcode (Mac for iOS testing) and Android Studio for Android.
  3. Install Appium Library:
    PIP Command : Open your terminal window (Mac) or Command Window (PC) and execute command
pip install robotframework-appiumlibrary

Appium Server Setup

Run following commands in terminal window (Mac)

check everything is running perfectly using below command.

Install Appium-Xcuitest-Driver

Run Following commands in Terminal Window (Mac)

Note – some of the below command may not work depending upon credentials on your   machine, please prefix it with “Sudo” to install , example > Sudo npm install –g ios-deploy






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