CSS/UI Validation using Robot Framework


CSS/UI Validation using Robot Framework

Apart from the regular web-based testing, Robot Framework can also be used for CSS/UI validation. This blog will try to throw some light on the installation of the library file required to accomplish this task.

Selenium2LibraryExtension library should be imported or installed to perform CSS/UI validation. It is an extension of Selenium2Library and imports Selenium2Library along with it. So Selenium2Library need not be installed.

Pip Installation

Prior to do the installation of the Selenium2LibraryExtension using PIP, PIP should be installed on the system. Please check this blog for Installation of PIP on Windows System.

Once PIP is installed on the system, open command prompt in the administration mode and run the following command.


Pip install Selenium2LibraryExtension


Installation from source-Without PIP

  1. Download zip file for Selenium2LibraryExtension from the following URL and extract it a local folder in your system.



  1. Once extracted, Run Command Prompt in Administration mode. Change Directory to a Folder created in step 1. After changing the current Directory, Run following command
    python setup.py install

Keyword Documentation

Keyword documentation for the Selenium2LibraryExtension can be found at following URL.

Selenium2LibraryExtension Keyword Documentation

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