Install Robot Framework With Pip On Windows


Install Robot Framework With Pip On Windows


Install Python

  • First, we need to install python on the windows machine. Download the python from the following URL and run the setup as Administrator:
  • In between the installation, you need to select the option to add python.exe to Path variable.



  • To Verify the install, check if you have a python folder in your C: drive. For me its like “C:\Python27” and also verify if exe path has been added to your system Environment Variable “Path”. For this go to “Control Panel\System and Security\System->Advance System Settings->Advanced-> Environment Variables”


Install Pip

Next Step is to Install all Pip to install the python packages on your system.

  • Go to following URL and download PIP and extract the file to a Folder in System:
    Download the Source file for pip, File something like this: pip-9.0.1.tar.gz(md5pgp)
  • Run Command Prompt in Administration mode. Change Directory to a Folder created in previous step
    After changing the current Directory, Run following command
python install

Install Robot Framework

Once pip is installed, run following command to install Robot Framework.

 pip install robotframework

Install Selenium2Library

In similar fashion, you can install most of the python packages. E.g. for Selenium2Library and Selenium, following commands can be used:

 pip install robotframework-selenium2library
 pip install selenium

Verify Installation

Run following command to confirm the installation of the packages.

 pip list


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