Install Robot Framework Without Pip-Windows


Install Robot Framework Without Pip-Windows


Installing Robot Framework on Windows using Pip is very simple, but most of the time, PIP install is blocked by organization’s Firewall. This blog will guide you to install Robot Framework in such scenarios.


Python should be installed on the system. (Check this blog for installing Python).

Install Robot Framework

Go to following URL and download Robot Framework package and extract the file to a Folder in System:


Run Command Prompt in Administration mode. Change Directory to a Folder created in step 1.
After changing the current Directory, Run following command.

python install.


Wait for installation to complete and run following command to verify the install.

Pip List

Note: For this command to work, you should have PIP package to be installed on your system.

Install Selenium2Library

In similar fashion, you can download and install most of the python packages. E.g. for Selenium2Library and Selenium.



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