Node.js and NPM installation for Javascript Testing Frameworks


Node.js and NPM installation for Javascript Testing Frameworks

Why Javascript Testing Frameworks?

Testing websites have gained importance as almost every organization or entity in the world has their own website with huge content in the WWW (World Wide Web). Javascript, a functional programming language, has become ubiquitous in every frontend development. There are now multiple frameworks to do frontend development with ease. And all these need to be tested quickly, efficiently and with maximum test coverage.

Javascript Testing frameworks such as Jasmine, Mocha, Karma, etc., have gained importance in testing the frontend development done in javascript. So here we present a blog to start with the installation of tools required to do automation testing using Javascript frameworks. Below is the basic requirement for an automation tester to start with.

Installation Steps

Download node.js windows installer from the Node.js website

Download 64-bit (or 32-bit) version Windows Installer (.msi) file based on the architecture of your processor.

Go to the downloaded location as below.

Double-click the installation folder and follow the Node.js setup wizard by clicking Next button.

You can do the Custom Setup during installation from the below window. Click Next.

After clicking Next and Install buttons, the installation will start as below.

After the completion of the installation, verify if the installation was successful. Open command prompt and type the commands as in the screenshot.

The commands show the version of the installed softwares – node.js and npm (node modules).

Stay tuned for blogs on a few javascript frameworks…


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